Why Would You Recommend the Peace Run Website to Other Students?

Responses From RICH Class of 2017

Nadia Adram, From Guyana

I would recommend the Peace Run website because it is inspiring to other kids and encourages them to participate in the run when the torch is in their country. The children in South Africa participate in the run by holding the torch.

Sabra Carter From Guyana/Native America

To inspire them to do the Peace Run. In the Country I studied Guyana, the people there live in a very tragic place, but they are still happy.

Nathaly Rodriguez From El Salvador

I would recommend it because you’re doing a small thing that can benefit others all around the world. The children in Spain believe that if they run together in peace and harmony, they can live in peace and friendship.

Sage Rajkumar From Guyana and Trinidad

It helps students learn more about what it feels like to be in other people’s shoes. Children from places like Africa survive with little and is thankful for what they have.

Kritika Lalli From India

RICH helped me understand how to use their principles in school and outside because it can show me how to be respectful to others and now I can use it in daily life I recommend the “Reach for Success” program because it is nice and I can learn a lot of things in a fun way, even when I get older. The program is nice and it is a good way to work on Saturday and learn something instead of being home and be bored. In conclusion, that is how the “Reach for Success” program is an amazing project.

Parbatti Boodhoo From India/Guyana

The RICH program has helped in so many ways. It has made me more confident with my personal and school life. It has also helped me to get better grades. I love how the RICH program has benefited me my life. If I continue this program, it will help me a lot in middle school. To conclude, the RICH program has helped me so much.

Please visit Peace Run Website