Online Primary Resources

Our program consists of 12 online lessons designed to help our students to develop Character and Leadership skills. All lessons will be guided under our Success Program Guiding Principles:

  1. I matter
  2. I am responsible for my behavior
  3. I am considerate of classmates and others
  4. I use thinking strategies for school success

Online Activities

  • Reflective Writing
  • Student Portfolios
  • Printed Essays
  • Reach for Success Curriculum
  • Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science Standard 2: A Safe and Healthy Environment Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.
  • Learning Standards of New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction Students will listen, speak, read, and write for social interaction. Students will use oral and written language that follows the accepted conventions of the English language for effective social communication with a wide variety of people. As readers and listeners, they will use the social communications of others to enrich their understanding of people and their views.

Online Support Services

  • Academic Enrichment Student Activities
  • Web-Based Learning Thematic Project(s)
  • Comfit Learning Tutorials


  • Listening to Online Video Postings
  • Composing Essays
  • Standardize Test-Talking Tutorial Drills
  • Conducting Independent Research Projects
  • Online Video Presentation

Parent Introduction to Reach for Success Student Program

Technology Parent Workshops

  • Parental Involvement Issues
  • Health Awareness
  • Support Services for families with special needs
  • New Standards and Graduation Requirements
  • Strengthening Parent-School Partnerships