Nathaly Rodriguez, RICH Graduate

The RICH program has helped me a lot all throughout the year that I’ve been here and I hope it will do the same to others in the future. For example, when I first entered the doors of the RICH program, I was shy and very nervous for a reason that I can’t explain. However, as it’s the end of the year of the RICH program, I am very sad and feel like crying because I may not see Kayla and Dr. Dawson ever again. Although Imani has a Youtube channel, it won’t be the same as seeing them in person. But because of my wonderful mentors, I’m proud to say that I’m no longer shy and nervous around others. I’ll truly and deeply miss the RICH program and it’s ways in teaching me on how I matter.

Sabra Jayce Carter, RICH Graduate

I really like the “Reach for Success” program because it gives you confidence and I like working with my friends. It’s fun to share what we’re thinking. I also really love snack time. So I think it’s fun to go through the RICH program.

Arlenis Hernandez, RICH Graduate

The Reach for Success program has helped me be more confident and believe in myself, despite how I bleak things seem. At times where I doubted myself, I was reminded of the RICH program and I picked myself back up. Without noticing it, I slowly gained the confidence in myself and I believed that I could. I would recommend others to the RICH program because it helped me tremendously, and without it, I would stay shy and insecure about my appearance and personality. Yet now, I’m not afraid to be me. The RICH program helped me be uncontrollably me.

Parbatti Boodhoo, RICH Graduate

The RICH program has helped in so many ways. It has made me more confident with my personal and school life. It has also helped me to get better grades. I love how the RICH program has benefited me my life. If I continue this program, it will help me a lot in middle school. To conclude, the RICH program has helped me so much.

Kritika Lalli, RICH Graduate

RICH helped me understand how to use their principles in school and outside because it can show me how to be respectful to others and now I can use it in daily life I recommend the “Reach for Success” program because it is nice and I can learn a lot of things in a fun way, even when I get older. The program is nice and it is a good way to work on Saturday and learn something instead of being home and be bored. In conclusion, that is how the “Reach for Success” program is an amazing project.

Sage Rajkumar, RICH Graduate

Before the RICH program, I was this person who was bad at writing, and didn’t believe that I could do well. The first day I came here I thought this wasn’t going to benefit me, but I got used to it and I kept it with me. My first semester I got all threes. A year later I got a four. Thanks to the reflective writing, it made me express myself and feelings and improved. So thank you RICH and Dr. Dawson.

Nadia Adram, RICH Graduate

This RICH program helped me because I made new friends, new connections with old friends, and stronger bonds. I’ve learned a lot of new things and I am happy to say that this program is very touching. Partnering with the Peace Run, I believe this program will make a large difference in the world. So as you can see, this program helped not only me, but all my friends and all those kids around the world.