Metanoya Z. Webb

RICH National Spokesperson

I am extremely thankful to be a graduate and currently, classroom facilitator of a community-based program that focuses on the development of character and social skills for minority children. RICH has helped me grow tremendously as a person. The 4 principles, which I’ve been utilizing since I joined the program back in elementary school, continue to encourage me to maintain a positive attitude and in turn project positive energy towards everything I set out to conquer in life. Without RICH I would NOT be the woman I am today. Real Talk!

Akilah Bird-Watson

RICH Spokesperson

I was in the RICH program while in elementary through high school. It’s now an honor to work as the program director. The RICH program has helped me with my attitude and my self-esteem. The RICH principle: “I Matter” has become my life motto. I live by this principle and allow it to guide me through hard times. This program is definitely capable of giving a chance to those who want it. You meet other teens and form unbreakable ties that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Meeting and working with the new group of young people in the program is an awesome experience.

Joseph B. Barclay

RICH Spokesperson

I became a member of the RICH program during the third grade. At that time, I was on the verge of being expelled from school for my bad behavior. As I went through the program, the principles began to make a significant impact in my life. Eventually, I graduated from elementary school as valedictorian. I am now a graduating senior at Polytechnic University where I major in Computer Engineering. I aspire to go on to Law School and eventually establish my own law firm. Not only did RICH help straighten out my life, it released the potential for success that was hidden inside of me. I strongly recommend the RICH program!

Joe's professional bio reads:

With over ten years as a technology specialist, Joe is an expert with a passion for the analysis and application of data to tackle today’s business challenges. Joe possesses experience in application development, data warehousing, and reporting across various industries. He has developed solutions for financial reporting systems, call center operations, sales lead generation, and retail, understanding the specific needs and requirements for diverse clients. Joe’s recognition of technological importance to business solutions has furthered competitive advantages through autonomous and dynamic business systems. Originally joining the RICH organization as a student in the 3rd grade, Joe believes in the RICH Principles and still uses them in his daily life.

Chrisann Anderson

RICH Spokesperson

The RICH program has helped me to become a more confident young lady. I was able to learn that "I matter" and that statement has helped me along my journey from a young girl who faced challenges of finding herself, to a strong hard working young individual who has remained humble and truly understands the importance of believing in myself. I used to have low self-esteem and struggle with expressing myself. But, now I am much more condient in myself and find myself encouraging others to believe in themselves and never think their words are unimportant. Everyone is special and have something to contribute to the world. After all, self-love is vital and the RICH program has helped to understand that. My grades had imporved from barely passing to becoming a straight-A student. The RICH program helped me to become the young lady I am today. I never forget to have a positive attitude and "I matter".