“Our Children, Our Greatest Investment”

By modeling the RICH approach, parents can actively engage in a conversation with their child focusing on reinforcing the Reach for Success program guiding principles. The RICH objective is to help parents help their children internalize the importance of expressing positive attitudes towards themselves and others. Secondly, the role of one’s attitude, self-talk, and thinking play a great role in their ability to succeed in school and in life. We are there for the parent who is looking for a supporting echo in reinforcing positive attitudes for school and life success.

RICH, Inc. Parent Investment Alliance (PIA) workshops will uniquely align with the Reach for Success program concepts on nurturing the social and emotional learning of today’s youth.

We welcome parents to join us in a conversation around nurturing the social and emotional learning of our young people.

RICH, Inc. Parent Investment Alliance (PIA) facilitator, Ms. Evita Belmonte is well known for her parent leadership experience as an educational advocate and a New York City and State trainer.

Parent Investment Alliance (PIA) presentations highlight the RICH Principles as taught to public school students:

  1. I matter!
  2. I am responsible for my behavior
  3. I am considerate of classmates and others
  4. I use thinking strategies for school success.

Each parent who participates in the RICH-PIA workshop is guided to motivate our youth. Each parent is encouraged using the RICH model starting in the home environment nurturing their child’s thinking about self-respect and respect for others.

Program Goal

Parents building positive character and academic traits in their children that will prepare them through their school years to become astute leaders in our global society.

Behavioral Objectives

  • Parents will become aware that “their children matter”
  • Parents will become aware “children are accountable for their behavior”
  • Parents will become aware “children learn concerned for others”
  • Parents will become aware “how children become self-directed learners”
Former Chairman's Message - Helping parents help their children!