RICH Directors/Administrators

Executive Board Directors

Board of Directors


  • Executive Director – Jacqueline Dawson, Ph.D.
  • Financial Officer – Oscar Heyward, MBA
  • Web Developer - Essam Yousry, BA
  • Web Developer - Nasir Freeman
  • Web-Based Project Manager - Sadia Ishak

How we got started

Jacqueline O. Dawson, Ph.D., is the co-founder and executive director of the Reach Into Cultural Heights (RICH) organization, a non-profit with over two decades committed to guiding young people to express their personal experience and language of school success. A visionary leader, Jacqueline creates innovative concepts utilizing the classroom and the digital space that showcases self-directed learning conversations. Her passion is watching the transformation of middle school and high school students grow and become competent leaders in the academic environment and in the world beyond the classroom. The Reach for Success Training program began on the campus of York College CUNY and is currently working in collaboration with a visionary team at the Tech Incubator @ Queens College CUNY.