Project RICH — Reach Into Cultural Heights

Since 2003, the National Visionary Leadership Project has been an enviable resource for our students attending the program. During the spring term, students are introduced to NVLP’s online self-narrated stories of extraordinary achievement as told by the African American elders. Our students listen to the elder’s talk not only about his/her life as an adult, but also as a child having to overcome obstacles in order to gain success. As a culminating activity, RICH students write a short essay on how their chosen elder’s life reflects the values introduced in the “Reach for Success” program.

In collaborative efforts to enrich the personal experience of students, RICH provides self-directed activities using communicative technologies such as the online multimedia educational resources found on the website. Examples of the people represented in RICH student essays are found here.

In 2020, RICH celebrates 17 years since introducing the NVLP’s web-based collection of comprehensive videotaped biographical interviews of extraordinary African American elders (Visionaries) who have made significant contributions to shaping American history and culture. RICH believes that by introducing these biographical interviews to the next generation of leaders, students can be inspired by their stories of overcoming obstacles and challenges. These stories include life lessons, such as persevering, celebrating triumphs, and respecting oneself. RICH program graduate, Sherman Whittenburg, described his experience ” This website brought me to somewhere where I’m not alone anymore. These people were once in my shoes and they continue to knock at the door and opened the door and fight through it, and it's comforting.”

“NVLP is grateful to RICH for its pioneering vision, using the web-based, video-taped NVLP Oral History Collection to motivate students to become academic achievers and productive citizens. We both work to inspire, engage and educate the next generation of young leaders.” Cheryl S. Clarke, CEO, NVLP

For more information about the project, please access the following link: RICH/NVLP

Celebrating Black History Month honoring the National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP)

I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality… I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

“My mother would say that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made us proud to be American citizens. In my family, it was the wisdom of my mother’s mother that we sought to learn from. And in that spirit, I embraced the National Visionary Leadership Project with its mission ‘to ensure that the wisdom of our country’s extraordinary African American elders is preserved by and passed on to younger generations who will lead us into tomorrow,’ as a way to offer youth in an online platform, the opportunity to experience what I know to be true, the transformation of thinking while listening to wise elders. Take a listen to the radio broadcast honoring positive change.”

Jacqueline O. Dawson, Ph.D., Executive Director, RICH Inc.

For more information about, please visit National Visionary Leadership Project (NVLP).

Comfit Learning

We partner with ComFit Learning an online learning center for the opportunity to offer students a scientifically-driven combination of “drill-down” assessments, “walk-me-thru-it” tutorials, and teacher-friendly learning management tools that are meaningful, and perhaps, even life changing! Comfit produces a major difference in not only the learning outcomes of our students, but also their attitude and confidence in test taking skills. Barry Tarshis, Founder and CEO, ComFit Learning. For more information about Comfit Learning, please visit Comfit Learning Tutorials.

Peace Run

To expand our youth’s concept about themselves and others, we encourage our student's to write essays about other cultures using the Harmony Run website as a learning tool. Because RICH believes that urban students need to master the written language and using English Language Arts as a foundation for all learning, each student selects a country from around the world to conduct their research. Each student is challenged to use the RICH Principles to explain the importance of understanding people from other parts of the world. Reach for Success Program 4 Guiding Principles are:

  1. I matter
  2. I am responsible for my behavior
  3. I am considerate of classmates and others
  4. I use thinking strategies for school success

Find more about Peace Run: About Peace Run.