1. Q1: How would "New Vision" help me transition to College?

    • A: We direct young adults to the resources they need such as CUNY to find the best opportunities to thrive in their environment. We believe that with the right guidance, anyone can succeed.

  2. Q2: What are RICH's Four Principles?

    • A: The RICH philosophy emphasizes how affirmative language, as demonstrated in the “Reach for Success” Program, can be used as a focal point for the development of self-respect and respect for others. Students learn to model constructive language skills, using program 4 guiding principles:

  3. Q3: What is RICH's philosophy?

    • A: We guide students to express respect for themselves and others and to focus on succeeding in the school learning environment. The goal is to change the academic conversation by using the 4 RICH guiding principles

  4. Q4: Who is "New Vision" Directed Towards For?

    • A: New Vision is for adults of any age who's looking to make a change and become successful in any pathway they pursue. However, if you are looking to attend College, we recommmend trying CUNY as an option.

  5. Q5: Why should I consider CUNY?

    • A: There are a variety of reasons you should consider CUNY. A few notable facts are that it's affordable, it's diverse, get more internship/job opportunities etc. Learn More